GoPro Wrist Mount: Diver’s Choice

“We choose underwater photography, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.”

It can be hard. Absolutely brutal. Big, bulky equipment can get in the way of actually enjoying your dive. Sometimes you miss the shot, because of dead batteries or bad lighting or quick fish. And I’m sure quite a few of us have lost photography gear in the oceanic void. Underwater photography can be a real challenge, luckily there are tools to make life easier. Meet your new best friend: The GoPro Wrist Mount. The GoPro Wrist Mount.

Made out of neoprene and Velcro, this mount will feel comfortable during any underwater activity. This mount does not limit the movement of either of your hands. It is designed for users to quickly flip up their GoPro, capture the moment, and then return to exploring. There is a shock pad to protect your GoPro screen. You will still be able to see the screen and your photographic subject around the protective pad. This mount is diverse, functional, and perfect for underwater photographers. It has let me take epic underwater shots, but I was hesitant to buy it at first. I know $49.99 is a lot for a GoPro mount, but the wrist mount worth it. Here’s why:

NOTE: Amazon is doing a sale on this product, so it is available for $19.99 through any links on this page.

The GoPro Wrist Mount is the only high-quality mount that lets you wear your GoPro like a watch. If cared for properly, this mount should last years. For SCUBA and freedivers, this is a much better option than other wrist mounts. Other mounts do not let the GoPro lie flat, so it will get caught on your BCD strap. This mount will fit cleanly next to your dive watch and you don’t even need to take it off between dives. The entire point of the wrist strap is to secure your GoPro, so you can complete other tasks. That’s why I love this mount.

The wrist mount is perfect for freediving. I don’t descend without it. The wrist mount increases my breathold time for three reasons. One, the wrist mount is aerodynamic, so I spend less energy pushing it through water. Two, I don’t have to hold it. My oxygen is not being wasted by holding onto a selfie stick. Three, my GoPro is secure. It will not fall and I don’t need to waste time worrying about it. Stick your GoPro on your wrist, right next to your freedive watch, and enter a fantastic freediving journey- with epic underwater shots!

What I love most about the wrist mount is you can get creative. It’s not only for wrists. Attach it somewhere on the dive boat on the way back to shore for a cool time-lapse shot. Strap it to your leg for a unique angle during your back roll. Velcro a weight belt to it, leave it under a rock, hit record. This is what I use to get camera trap footage of reef sharks, lobsters, and tropical fish. There’s a whole ocean of possibilities, start shooting!

This is a Fish Certified product, I dive with it, and you should too.

Check out The GoPro Wrist Mount.


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